The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced on the 18th of December 2018 that he will be launching a new diesel van scrappage scheme worth £23 million to help Small Medium Enterprise Business owners (companies that employ 10 or less employees).  The aim is to help low-income Londoners replace their existing non-ultra low emission zone complaint vans to buy newer Euro 6 diesel vans which are exempt from the new ULEZ charge that will go live in London from 8th April 2019.

Although the plans are initially for just micro-businesses, the aim is to get the funds matched by other government bodies so that the scheme can be extended to more people.

The exact details on how the new van scrappage scheme will be operated have not yet been published and the Mayor has said that the details will be available next year, before the ULEZ charge begins.

If you’re looking to buy a new van, check if it is ULEZ complaint with our ULEZ Checker for vans.

Here’s how the previous vehicle scrappage scheme worked.

There was a set deadline for anyone who wished to take advantage of the scheme, which was announced in April 2009 and had a deadline of March 2010.

The previous scheme was much larger and had a total of £400 million offered.  Drivers were offered £2000 discount providing they met the criterias.

Car dealers offered the scheme directly from their dealerships and the scheme discount would be deducted off the price of the new vehicle.  The trade-in vehicle must have been registered for at least 90 days.

Van Scrappage Scheme 2019

As soon as the details are published, we will let you all know how exactly your business can take advantage of the new van scrappage scheme.

Until then we wish you all a good end to the year and a promising start to 2019

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