As a continued part of the Governments plans to improve air quality in some of UK’s busiest cities, the new Clean Air Zone is being planned and introduced in 2021.

The first 2 cities to get the new CAZ charge will be Bath and Birmingham.  Other towns and cities in England, Wales and Scotland are testing the idea.  In some cities, the local councils have proposed the Clean Air Zone’s but due to opposition, they have decided not to go ahead, these include Leeds and Derby.

Much like the ULEZ charge in London, the 2 cities that are introducing the CAZ charge plan to run the zone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Cars that do not meet the emission standard will need to pay to enter the Clean Air Zones.  The charge differs from city to city.

The CAZ in Bath will cost £9 for most vehicles and larger vehicles such as lorries or buses will need to pay the higher charge of £100.  The Birmingham CAZ will be slightly cheaper, at £8 for cars and £50 for bus and lorries.

You can find out more about the CAZ charge on our new CAZ Checker site and check your vehicle meets the CAZ requirements. The emission standard requirements vary depending on which city you are entering.

Other cities that are planning on charging drivers to enter their Clean Air Zones will be:

England: Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, York, Leicester, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol and Southampton

Scotland: Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh

Wales: Cardiff




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